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The 'Sutras of Awakening' are dbm's personal insights
from his  journey of discovery and awakening.
Commentaries on these Sutras will be made available later.

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Sutra Index

The Sutra of Being

The Cosmos 




The Harmony of Freedom

The Mysteries and Beyond

The Universal Friend 

The Turning Point

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By David Barrett-Murrer



The body, the world and thought are transient.
They came into being and they go out.
that which perceives body, world and thought
is eternal and the true nature of every being.


What we perceive as the objective world
is a phenomenal reality of the energy world
in which we actually exist and have our being.
The objective world is not an illusion
yet it is still a phenomenal existence.
Phenomenally, as if from nothing
objective existence came into being.
What a wondrous mystery is Life.



(SUTRAS 0-3)

The cosmos is a vast incomprehensible LIFE-FIELD
wherein all that is - is.

Our sun, within the body of its solar system,
has evolved the planets as centres of objective activity.

The earth, within its sphere of activity, has evolved
the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms
as stages in the planet's unfoldment.

Nature is the intelligent, impelling Will behind this unfoldment.
And it is presently driving man to appropriate the next kingdom
(in this evolutionary play) that is arrived at by the Awakened Mind.



(SUTRAS 4-10)

The evolution of man is the evolution of mind
via the thinking principle
as it is developed through the lower states.

Primitive states of mind are occupied with instincts.

Emotive states of mind are occupied with things.

Average states of mind are occupied with people.

Higher states of mind are occupied with ideas.

Unified states of mind are receptive to pure reason.

While the Awakened Mind is beyond the threshold of thought
and no longer preoccupied with the lower human states.



(SUTRAS 11-22)

In the process of awakening, the thinking principle
is constantly fluctuating within and between the lower states.

Interests and concerns are the cause of these fluctuations.
What are you interested in or concerned with:
yourself, things, people, ideas - God?

Discover that each fluctuation reveals something about yourself.
Then review your past, your memories and learn of the Way of Life.

When the primary field of livingness is,
then see how even this serene state of mind can be disturbed
and how a disturbed state of mind can become serene.

Cultivate a loving attitude; apply it to everyone including yourself,
then unify that love to include the Greater Being in Whom we all exist. 
Finally lose yourself in the magnetic energy of Universal Love.
(This is the Way of the Heart)

Knowledge of the greater view and the teaching that frees
give structure to the possibility of a unified mind.
As knowledge becomes wisdom this unity becomes established
and the mind becomes unlimited.
This is the Way of the Mind)

Living in the immediacy of being in the Eternal Now

quickens spiritual awakening.
This is the Way of Life)

Meditate by setting aside a time each day 
to quietly sit, ponder, reflect, observe, listen and love.
Thus are the Lulls, the Soundless Sound
and the mystery of Intent revealed.

Discover the mystery of sleep and know dreamtime
as a reality greater than physical being.

Discover the dynamic potency of harmlessness
in what you think, say and do.

Discover the existence of etheric space
and know that you are part of everything.
And the sky at night is filled with light.
Here is found the truth that objective existence
is a phenomenal reality.

Remember all that anyone can do for others is 
to inspire them to know, to love and to just-be.
For it is yourself that you are discovering
and nobody can do this for you.



(SUTRAS 23-26)

Since all activity is karmic
then every thought, word and deed
(good, bad or indifferent) returns to us.

If you understand this unerring law of karma
you will acquire a natural balance
and your
self inflicted suffering will cease.

The full understanding is that we have free-will under karmic law.

Thus do we learn the balanced way of the razor's edge,
and the mystery of invocation/evocation of energies.



(SUTRAS 27-30)

From natural balance the Spirit of Freedom is caught.

This harmony is always there
but we are usually too preoccupied with ourselves to realise it.

Without the awareness of this inner harmony
we lose our way and try to impose an external harmony
within our preoccupations.

This inner harmony cannot be imposed,
like the Spirit of Freedom - it simply is.



(SUTRAS 31-34)

The mysteries expand consciousness
by constructing a larger more comprehensive
view of existence.

The greater our view the deeper the mind,
here are found the truths of the One Life,
evolution, man, karma, rebirth, freedom
and the mystery of the many (in reality countless)
Life-Fields vast and minute.

The Mysteries bridge the abyss in our understanding
between the known and the unknown;
until the Mysteries are finally lost in the unknowable.

Understanding brings you to a point,
beyond that there is no you
there is only Life (your divine energy).



(SUTRAS 35-38)

The nature of the Questing Soul is cosmic
and through man it will spiritualise humanity
and the sub-human evolutions.

Holistic guidance is a principle in life.
It is the energy of inspiration lovingly applied.
This energy does not come from us but through us.
We only add, from our understanding great or small,
the influence to heal.

Holistic guidance comes from the intensity of the Turning Point.
Which means that the central focus of one's being is Questing Life
and all else (family, friends, work, etc.) is secondary.

The three aspects of Questing Life are:
The Way of the Heart (love);
The Way of the Mind (wisdom);
The Way of Life in the Eternal Now
(that is living in the immediacy of being).




(SUTRAS 39-43)

.(39) The Sutra of Being
The body, the world and thought are transient.
They came into being and they go out.
that which perceives body, world and thought
is eternal and the true nature of every being.

.(40) The Key
That which perceives is the Eye of the Divine Self
Whose emanations create the primary field of livingness
and manifest the evolving activity within that field.

.(41) Catching the Edge
In the immediacy of perceiving, knowing, feeling and being,
discover the Edge and know the technique of the Masters.
Ever new is the energy of Life.

.(42) The Silent Probe
By seeing the essence,
that is a movement and a rest,
does the seamless fluctuations harmonise.
Monadic Fire is the destroyer of self and worlds.
Indescribable is the freedom of Monadic Consciousness.

.(43) Reaching the Source
One cannot reach the Source.
There is no technique.
The Source simply reveals itself,
then nothing remains but the Source.
Returning is as much of a mystery
as is the revealing of the Source.
The mind cannot comprehend these mysteries.


Copyright dbm(David Barrett-Murrer) 1998-2017. All rights reserved.

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