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Life Science

(The Art of Questing Life)

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 In order to inspire others in their quest for awakening  I wrote the Five Jewels of Wisdom, The Sutras of Awakening, The Art of Rushing Chi and various commentariesThese writings are part of a collection entitled, 'In the Spirit of Freedom'.

They were originally written for a small group of friends. Over the years the work has been updated and enhanced. If there is interest then commentaries on the Sutras and other writings will be made available. 

The most important realisation that you can make is that the eye of the mind is the Eye of God. That which perceives in you is God experiencing Its own creation. God is closer to you than your heart-beat, your breath or thought. You don't need anyone, guru, master or teacher, to bring you to God, because the perceiver in you is God. There is no need to seek outside of yourself - simply look within and discover the living truth.  dbm. 


meditation mandala

A meditation mandala used to focus attention
(40cm x 55cm)
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Free E-books

Sutra coverFree E-book
The Sutras of Awakening
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The Sutras of Awakening (PDF)
5 Jewels of Wisdom Free E-book
Five jewels of Wisdom
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5 Jewels of Wisdom (ZIP)
5 Jewels of Wisdom (PDF) 

Life Science Articles

Since introducing our new Questing Life forum most links will be to the forum.
What is Death and Beyond?

Two questions have been asked about death.
What happens when we die?
What are these inner worlds like?

Five Jewels of Wisdom

The Jewels reveal the simple foundation for awakening 
that anyone can use to develop spiritually.

The Sutras of Awakening

The Sutras can reveal an advanced understanding
for those who are in the process of awakening.

Holistic Meditation

Meditation is more than just sitting for for an hour,
it is a process of living it all the time.

A Sense of Humour on the Path

An insight into the lighter side of life on the path of awakening.

May you all, in your own way,
discover the Spirit of Freedom by Questing Life.

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