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Ghost of Ming & Om mani padme hum
New additions to the Art Koan 
Friendship & Waterfall  New additions to the Art Gallery

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Artdaja's FreeBes 
Sutra coverFree E-book
The Sutras of Awakening
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The Sutras of Awakening (ZIP)

The Sutras of Awakening (PDF)
5 Jewels of Wisdom Free E-book
Five jewels of Wisdom
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5 Jewels of Wisdom (ZIP)
5 Jewels of Wisdom (PDF) 
RINGTILES:  Download your Free Game by clicking on a link below:
    RingTiles2010 Exe file  OR  RingTiles2010 Zip file
Latest version 1.2
.RingTiles 4 Star Rating
  SoftSea 4 Star Award for RingTiles v1.2  
 Reviewed January 2010
Softpedia Award
18th January 2010
RingTiles is an exciting, colourful puzzle game that starts at an easy level, is more difficult on the middle levels and extremely challenging on the top level. It's loads of fun for adults and children alike. It is a stand alone executive file for win95/98/2000/XP and Vista.  It is also 100% free with no spyware, adware, registration or strings attached. 

I like the flashing box when you complete the game! Wendy M, Kentucky, USA.
Good game. Here's a tip for playing RingTiles. Keep clicking on the New Game button until you have the optimum board. KJ, Luton, UK.
Thanks for the game. The kids love it. Susan Clark, Cambridge, UK.
Totally addictive - I love it. Anna, Norfolk, UK.
My wife loves it and the kids fight over it. Joe, LA, USA.
Brilliant just brilliant. Greg, Milton Keynes, UK.
Ideal game for coffee breaktime. Vicky, Sydney, Australia.

"This is an addictive game that soon has you coming back for more!
So simple but so enjoyable had me playing it over and over again. Excellent. "
The Gamester (Comment made on Freewarefiles.com)

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