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Something to Ponder On

Postby Editor » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:31 pm

This topic is for Pearls of Wisdom that are worthy of deep thought

"The body, the world and thought are transient. They came into being and they go out. But that which perceives body, world and thought is eternal and the true nature of every being." From The Sutras of Awakening by dbm 1998.

"The most important realisation that we can make is that the eye of the mind is the Eye of God. That which perceives in us is God experiencing Its own creation. God is closer to you than your heart-beat your breath or thought. You don't need anyone, guru, master or teacher, to bring you to God because the perceiver in you is God. There is no need to seek outside of yourself - simply look within and discover the living truth." David (dbm).

"What we perceive as the objective world is a phenomenal reality of the energy world in which we actually exist and have our being. The objective world is not an illusion yet it is still a phenomenal existence. Phenomenally, as if from nothing objective existence came into being. What a wondrous mystery is Life." From The Sutras of Awakening by dbm 1998.

"The essence of Questing Life is simply living in the immediacy of being, moment by moment, breath by breath, thought by thought. There is no need to seek the truth because you are the living truth. " David (dbm).

"To understand the concept of karma intellectually will not make a lot of difference to your behaviour, but to see karma actually working out in your daily life will make a big difference." David (dbm).

"One cannot gain true humility by means of thought, it comes when one encounters the infinity of God. Humility usually arises from the awareness of impermanence, or, as the ego collapses, when confronted by something vastly superior. Also, humility comes from the realisation of one's tiny place in the greater scheme of the cosmos." David (dbm).

"When the mind is empty, even briefly, then the world is seen as an incredible mystery with a deep sense of wonder that it actually exists." David (dbm).

"In this world you maybe a King, a President, a Grand Master, a company director, a billionaire etc. and have great power over other people, but when you die you have no power over anyone and your previous status is meaningless. The housewife, the labourer, the King, the rich and the poor are all stripped of what they were in the physical world. Those who have power after the death of the body are the spiritual people who through their own efforts have transcended the materialistic attachments and discovered universal compassion for all beings. " David (dbm).

"In the beginning we seek with the mind using thought to explore the complex structures of fragmented ideologies, beliefs and knowledge. Later, when this seeking has exhausted itself and the limitations of the intellect are clearly seen, then the journey of discovery really begins. Now we use the mind to probe the source of thought and find the doorway to the silent heart. Only courage and fearlessness are needed to enter." David (dbm)

Holistic meditation is the essence of the Art of Questing Life.

Meditation is not an item within your life, it is your life. This is part of the greater view that helps to free the mind to see beyond the mind...

From the greater view your life is very significant and how you live your life is very important. There is no need for rules or laws because the greater view reveals inner cosmic truths that transcend man-made rules and laws.

Understand then discover this truth
You are a living light unto yourself and it can set you free! " David (dbm)
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Re: Something to Ponder On

Postby Lucy » Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:25 pm

"When the world which is what-is-seen has been removed, there will be realization of the Self which is the seer. In fact, what is called the world is only thought." Ramana Maharshi
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Re: Something to Ponder On

Postby William » Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:29 am

I like these gems... :)
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Re: Something to Ponder On

Postby Jass » Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:26 pm

Thought provoking insights...
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