What is Death and Beyond?

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What is Death and Beyond?

Postby David » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:23 pm

Two questions have been asked about death.
What happens when we die?
What are these inner worlds like?

What happens when we die?

To start with only the body dies. You as a spiritual being survive in one form or another. On a simple level, it has been said correctly that, sleep is a temporary death and death is a permanent sleep.

What is it like to actually die?

Firstly there is no pain in death, at the most one experiences a sort of mild electric shock that causes a numbing impact which disconnects the inner you from the physical body. You are still attached but no longer concerned about the body. The reason for this lack of concern is that you are still there. Death of the body and the thinking principle is not death of you. You will, sooner or later, experience a curious process whereby you see and feel everything that has happened to you from the moment of birth up to the moment of death. No one is judging you; it is like a record of your life in which you see the effects of all your actions and the reasons for your life experiences. Then for a variable duration you usually remain near the discarded body and in direct emotional contact with those who are still in physical form. When you are ready those family and friends who have passed over will greet you and that is a most delightful reunion. No need to fear death it is like going home after a long adventurous journey. It is a time to rest and prepare for the next journey.

What are these inner worlds like?

Defining these inner realities in words is difficult because there are no points of reference, and what is given can be easy misinterpreted. Yet, within these limitations I will try to convey something meaningful without going into all the planes and sub-planes.

Let us take a journey of return. The physical body has died, you find yourself detached and unable to communicate with those who are living in the physical world. If you look at your form it appears to be the same as the physical body only now it is younger and in its prime. You have seen the record of your life and you have seen the funeral of the physical body. Now you may feel the call to let go of the etheric connection with the physical world. This releases you and you find your long lost friends waiting for you on the other side of the etheric river that divides these two realms. What joy that reunion is, also you find friends who you never knew in the physical world yet they are as close to you as brothers and sisters.

At first you find this realm is like a replica of the physical world with cities, parks, lakes and all the usual activities. Everything you could do in the physical you can do here. Whatever you imagine that is what you will see. It is the collective imagination of the people here that hold this replica world as a living reality. Many people that pass over believe they are still in the physical world and they carry on their daily routines almost as if nothing has happened.

When you have found a place and settled in, you have a circle of friends and all is fine, then gradually you begin to see the monotony of these worldly activities. Only the arts and learning have a deeper meaning and interest. You move away into the country to be more alone. Few people visit you there but the ones that do know of the Academies, places where you can learn about the bigger picture of existence.

At the Academies you learn that you are no longer in the lower replica of the outer world. You discover that you have transcended that lower state and that there are higher states if you have the need to move on. Eventually even the Academies are limited to what they can teach and you are on your own.

No need for a home now or even the company of friends. The time has come to relinquish the body of emotion and undergo the second death. There is no suffering or pain involved one simply discards the emotional body and enters the realm of mental substance. Here one has a form or body but it is nothing like the astral or physical body. This is the realm of the mind. Here all knowledge is accessible if you have the sensitivity to interact with like minded beings. For most people it is a dull and clouded existence but for those who are intellectually endowed this is the font of interactive learning and sharing. Discoveries made here eventually filter through to the physical world.

Then comes that time when mental activity is exhausted. There is nothing more to learn at this stage and the call comes for the mental body to be cast aside and let the fragment of soul return home. There is a curious extraction of experience at this point and the life experience is condensed into a few key points that are retained within the causal body that is known as the individual soul.

Soul exits in a state of timelessness that is incomprehensible to the human mind. Soul sees the beginning the middle and the end simultaneously. This stupendous state is also called the Kingdom of God. From the reservoir of previous incarnations soul creates the intention and projects a stream of dual energy through the mental and astral substances, gathering a mental and astral body, that will anchor itself into the foetus of a human being. At birth soul turns its face away from the now-ness of spiritual being and subjects itself to the confinement of human existence.

It is soul that is questing life through the process of human evolution. We are the means whereby soul can experience this phenomenal existence. As we quest union and absorption with soul, so soul, in its own realm, is questing union and absorption with the Source.

I do hope that this has revealed something of our divine origins. We are spiritual beings, energetic probes from the One Life sent forth to awaken the evolving cosmos into cosmic self awareness.

Not everyone will understand or agree with this interpretation, but those who do will find an underlining truth that cannot be expressed in words.

I maintain that this is only my interpretation and others who experience this may well interpret it differently. Also, I am not a Buddha, Guru, Master or any of that theatrical nonsense. I am just a brother on the path of awakening. All who are on that path are my brothers and sisters.

Your brother and friend, dbm.

Copyright © dbm (David Barrett-Murrer) 2010. All rights reserved.
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Lucy » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:10 am

Wonderful knowledge, far deeper than my understanding and what a great comfort to know... Thank you.
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Jack » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:46 am

Wow! I found this article on death a real inspiration. What an adventure we have yet to REMEMBER! We seem to be living in a world of spiritual forgetfulness. How can we forget... :?: :!:
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Sally » Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:53 pm

I’ve read this post on death and beyond several times just to get the feel and sense of what might be an amazing inner reality. If it's true then we are so blessed!!!
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby David » Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:51 am

Hi Sally,
It is true and one day you and everyone will realise this. Some will discover the living truth in this lifetime, while others will discover it when the body dies and they find themselves part of a vast inner reality that has no beginning or end. David.
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Steve » Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:24 am

Sally wrote:I’ve read this post on death and beyond several times just to get the feel and sense of what might be an amazing inner reality. If it's true then we are so blessed!!!

Yeah, I agree, if it's true what a relief :D but we wont really know till we die - then its too late :!:
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Wisp » Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:42 pm

Death is the ultimate unknown state.
Steve wrote:...if it's true what a relief :D

Yes it opens a new and greater horizon - worlds within worlds!
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Paul » Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:48 pm

Thanks David for sharing your interpretation/understanding. Interesting, and much of what you said is not all that different from my views.
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Melisa » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:18 pm

Like David I have also experienced physical death and I can validate there's no pain in dying, there's just a jolt like an impact to the back and then you are free from the discarded physical body. This topic reveals that the death of the body is not the end but rather a beginning. No need to fear death, it's like going back to your true home. :D
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Re: What is Death and Beyond?

Postby Moondog » Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:24 pm

Came across this topic. Something deep inside me feels this is true! Had some odd moments of high and after some doubt but I found it helpful. TY :)
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